About Us


Latora is the creator and exclusive owner of intellectual  property and trademarked brand The Green Soma™️, and all of its entities. The Green Soma™️ originated in 2015 as a health and wellness brand which educated others on the importance of incorporating plant-based foods into their daily diet to prevent, correct, or eliminate long term health issues. Latora’s health and wellness journey began in 2013 when her daughter was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease of the digestive system. Latora immediately began researching this disease and discovered the only successful way to beat it, drug free, is to consume a plant-based diet and maintain a plant-based lifestyle.  Latora, herself,  transitioned to a raw vegan food diet in in 2014 and  has been vegan ever since.

As a board certified occupational therapist, Latora uses her knowledge of illness and disease coupled with the continuous study of plant-based nutrition to expand The Green Soma™️ brand.  

The brand began as an education forum and progressed to working directly with clients and their doctors to prevent or eliminate the need for blood pressure and diabetes medication by teaching them to prepare plant based meals.  During this time, Latora also wrote and published her first recipe book "Healthy Oils and Dressing".  The brand quickly expanded to direct food services to include personal training for meal prep, meal prep services, catering, and event vending. The initial clients were family, friends, coworkers, doctors and referrals, but grew to include Hollywood actors and television productions.   

Latora opened Green Soma™️ Café (aka Green Soma™️ Vegan Cafe), a brick and mortar  vegan restaurant in July 2018, unfortunately due to business differences with her financial partner, she legally closed Green Soma™️ Cafe in October 2018 at that location and relocated the business to downtown Atlanta.  

 Latora has expanded the brand to include joint ventures and partnerships with other local entrepreneurs to promote health and wellness in the city via plant based foods and education.  In addition to food operations, Latora is developing the Green Soma™️ Sauce line for retail sale, partnering with Gilliam's Community Garden to promote local and sustainable  farming,  is a featured chef with The Oakland City Senior Cooking Workshop, and is performing health and wellness education to the community.

May 2019, Green Soma™ Cafe is proud to announce  a partnership with Fresh From Earth Hearb Tea Bar.  You can now purchase plant based food items from Green Soma™ Cafe at all Fresh From Earth Herb and Tea Bar locations.